Netflix Tallulah starring Ellen Page

Netflix’s Tallulah will hit all you moms right in the feels

Ellen Page is starring in a new Netflix original film, so you know there’s some deep sh*t about to go down.

Arriving on July 29th, Tallulah, which was written and directed by Sian Heder (Orange is the New Black) “tells the story of young vagabond, Lu (Ellen Page), who lives in a van and is fiercely independent in her hand-to-mouth existence. When a chance encounter incites her to impulsively “rescue”” a baby from a negligent mother, Lu, at a loss for what to do, turns to the only responsible adult she knows: Margo (Allison Janney), who mistakenly believes she’s the child’s grandmother.”

Oh boy, these Sundance movies sure do get complicated. And you can bet damn emotional.

Now, I’m not a parent, but I can only imagine how this trailer makes those of you who are feel. I’m pretty sure Ellen Page is in the wrong here, judging by the cops chasing her, but what the f*ck do I know? I’m sure there will be all sorts of emotional twists that leaving you with all sorts of feels.

Get the tissues ready. Niagara Falls.

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