Tony Almeida in 24: LEGACY

Tony is back in new ’24: Legacy’ Trailer

As the NFL playoffs come to a close, you know what that means — a new season of 24. In this case, FOX has really reset the clock, replacing the iconic Jack Bauer with a new agent, Eric Carter. Of course, it’s still way too early to judge how fans of the long-running show will react to this reset, but the trailer does indicate it’ll have that same shot-for-shot intensity as when Kiefer Sutherland was our hero. And at the very least, it at least looks like 24: Legacy will attempt some continuity as we get our first glimpse at the return of special agent Tony Almeida who you may recall has spent the better part of the last decade behind bars.

24: Legacy will premiere after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5th.

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